Publish your Course
  • 29 Feb 2024
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Publish your Course

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Article summary

Once you've finished editing your course content, you can sell it online and your customers can start enrolling themselves immediately. In this example we have already created an "Online Course" product category which allows the client to easily filter these courses when viewing all your products 

Create a product or package

  1. Navigate to Setup > Shopping > Products & Packages

  2. Click Add Product

  3. Set the Product Name and Retail Price

  4. Select Product Type to Online Course

    1. For more information see the Creating product categories article

  5. Select the online course 

  1. Click Publish tab (1)

  2. Check Publish on Website (2)

  3. Describe your course for your clients in the Product Page Content section (3)

  4. Click Save

  1. Lastly, add an image to your product by clicking Set Image

    1. Note: an image MUST be added for this product to be published and displayed to clients


Once you've created an individual product for the online course, you'll also be able to create a product bundle where you can sell the course as a package with other online courses or services.

Linking to published products

Once your product has been created and you have marked them to be published, there are a number of links now available that can be used across your website to link directly to this product. For example, Add to Cart URL which will add a product to the client’s cart ready for checkout.

Please refer to the following article Publishing your products - Linking to published products.

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