Onboarding checklist
  • 20 May 2024
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Onboarding checklist

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Article Summary

This is a detailed onboarding checklist that we as BookingTimes go through with you as the client during the last handover call, to ensure all the crucial elements of the website are set up and ready to go before the website is taken live. If a call cannot be organised for any reason, please go through all items on this checklist and let us know of any outstanding information that we require. 

Initial setup

All of these steps are covered in detail as part of the initial setup process if you configured your own website. Please refer to the Initial setup article for additional information and where you will find the appropriate articles you need more information for.

General settings

  1. Ensure you know the website URL, and your username and password for you to log in. Please contact BookingTimes via support@bookingtimes.com for details.

  2. Check all the Services are set up

    1. Setup > Bookings > Services 

  3. Check all the Packages are set up (if applicable)

    1. Setup > Shopping > Products & Packages

  4. Check you Location(s) are set up

    1. Setup > Bookings > Locations 

      1. Ensure the correct address details are added so the default Google map shows the correct location

      2. Check any suburbs (if applicable)

  5. Check the Staff set up

    1. Setup > Accounts & Security > Staff & Admin (or the terminology you have set up)

      1. Ensure only active staff members have services assigned (only active calendars are charged)

      2. Ensure they have been sent their login details

        1. Select the staff member > Click Send Login Email link

Financial settings

  1. Ensure you have enabled online payments so you can receive online bookings and credit card payments.

    1. Please refer the Setting up online payments article

    2. Ensure your website has been configured with the correct currency settings before taking payments. Navigate to Setup > System Settings > Business Detail > General tab: Currency

  2. Check if a Business Identifier Type needs to be entered

    1. Setup > System Settings > Business Detail > Finances tab: Business Identifier Type

  3. Check if GST/tax needs to be turned on or off

    1. Setup > System Settings > Business Detail > Finances tab: Taxes

  4. Check if you want to force upfront payment for any client made bookings or purchases

    1. Setup > System Settings > Business Detail > Finances tab: Booking Payments

  5. Ensure you are aware of the payment gateway transaction fees

    1. Enable a credit card surcharge if desired via Setup > System Settings > Business Detail > Payments tab: Card Surcharge

  6. Set the voucher expiry date

    1. Setup > System Settings > Business Detail > System tab: Prepaid/Vouchers Valid For

  7. Set the cancellation fee settings

    1. Setup > System Settings > Business Detail > Bookings tab: Cancellation Fees

Booking settings

  1. Check the booking lead time

    1. Setup > System Settings > Business Detail > Bookings tab: Booking Lead Time

  2. Check the online cancellation notice period

    1. Setup > System Settings > Business Detail > Bookings tab: Cancellation Notice

  3. If your business has staff, check if commissions have been set

    1. Setup > Accounts & Security > Staff & Admins > select staff member > Services tab: Commission column

  4. Check the time zones set up for your location/s

    1. Setup > Bookings > Location > select location > Detail tab: Time Zone

  5. Open up the schedule for all staff members so you’re ready to take online booking:

    1. Please refer to the Opening the schedule article

Reminders and runsheets

  1. Turn on the desired reminders

    1. Ensure you are aware that SMS reminders incur a cost, and email reminders are free

    2. Setup > Correspondence > Reminders

  2. Turn on the runsheet reminder under each of the staffs' profile

    1. Setup > Accounts & Security > Staff & Admins > select staff member > Alerts tab


  1. Initial training modules are available via you Dashboard in the left hand menu

  2. Specific page context help with our Knowledge Base article s is also available via the ? Support menu that's available on each page

  3. If you have any additional questions about scheduling, bookings or payments, please contact us and we will either guide you to an appropriate knowledge base article or provide additional guidance

Domain and email

  1. Please inform BookingTimes via support@bookingtimes.com of when you would like your website to go live. Once live, it can take up to 48 hours for your website to be fully available.

  2. You can either give BookingTimes access to your domain provider, or if not please let us know and we will provide you with the relevant domain details

  3. If you would you like BookingTimes to create email accounts to match your domain name please let us know

Final steps once live

  1. BookingTimes will inform you once your website has been taken live (if we are performing this for you).

  2. Once live, please refer to this Final steps once live article, which includes instructions on how to you Register your website with Google.

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