Create your own site
  • 05 Dec 2023
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Create your own site

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Article summary

Congratulations on joining the BookingTimes family! This is the overview of steps to help you get your website looking, and behaving, just like you want it to.

By this stage, you've already purchased a template which includes your website design and branding and all the underlaying functionality.

A note on your URL

Once you’ve got your template and entered in your business name, you will have a URL that looks something like this: 


This is where you will log in and make all the edits and configuration to your website, before going live. Please note that at this stage, this URL is not yet indexed by Google so it will not appear in any search results. This will happen once you inform us that you want to go live, and then your domain (that you typically already have) will be switched to point to your BookingTimes website, get picked up by Google, and result with it looking something like this:


While there's a lot of moving parts to BookingTimes, there's a number of simple steps to get started.

Initial setup

1. Business setup

Set the details of your overall business. e.g Business numbers, tax settings, terms and conditions, add lead times, cancellation policies, global prepaid voucher expiry dates, business finances, payouts and payment methods etc.

2. Add your services

Add the services that you perform that people can book in and their prices, including adding any online courses you offer.

3. Location setup

Set up your location details including any suburbs, maps and opening times.

4. Staff setup

Set up your staff details including which locations they will work from, which services they perform, commissions and days available.

5. Schedule setup

Manage your availability, bookings, visibility and post notices for staff and customers.

6. Add your products and packages

Create your products and packages for services or physical products that you sell.

7. Finalize your website design

While we did some basic customization of your site, you'll need to add the polish, replace the Lorem Ipsum default text and make your site your own.

8. Reminder setup

Determine which SMS and email reminders to turn on, and make any customizations to the text within them.

Testing your website

The majority of your website is now set up so it's time to do some checking and testing before making it live:

  • Check your website content and links

  • Check your service prices and packages

  • Is your schedule open and ready for bookings

  • Create a fake client and run some test scenarios specific to your business. These can include creating/moving/cancelling bookings, using prepaid vouchers for bookings, scheduling a course (if you have any) and register as an attendee etc.

Email setup

Make sure you have email setup on your device and are able to access it:

BookingTimes email setup

Going live

Once you're ready to launch, you're ready to launch! Only a few steps left to check outlined in the article below:

Final steps once live

Getting help

You can hire a BookingTimes specialist at any time to help get your business setup, or any web designer to help you build your website pages. Simply drop us an email at

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