Setting up reminders
  • 07 May 2024
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Setting up reminders

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This article will show you how to edit and enable your reminders. The system has default reminders which are sent when bookings are made or changed and cannot be disabled, however, you may want to edit their content. You'll also need to enable the remaining reminders because they are turned off by default.

Editing your reminders


  1. Navigate to Setup > Correspondence > Reminders

  2. A list of available reminders will display. Take a look at the image below to learn how to interpret the reminder symbols:


  1. Click on the speech bubble icon next to the reminder you would like to edit.

  2. Make changes to the reminder by typing in the text box.

    1. You can use the placeholders on the right to auto populate your email with information unique to the recipient. For example:

      1. @ClientFirstName will insert the first name of the client receiving the email

      2. @PayNowButton (available in booking/sale invoice reminders) will insert a button which allows the client to pay an invoice without logging in, and will be hidden if the invoice is already paid.


  1. Click Preview to view your reminder

  2. Click Save

Service Types

The service type columns that are displayed, are based on what you have set up for your services.

Within each service you have the following service type options:

  • Onsite

  • Mobile

  • Fixed address

  • Run as course

Reminders - service types

When you have services that cover all these 4 types, then these are displayed as follows within the Reminders section:

Reminders - service types headings

Enabling your reminders


  1. Click the grey dot on the left of the reminder to enable it. It will become a bright green color when enabled.


You don't want to enable all of your reminders otherwise you will overwhelm your clients with messages. It is best to only enable a few reminders before their booking, such as 3 days before and 1 day before.

Disabling reminders for a service

A reminder can be disabled for a specific service, while they will continue to be sent to other services.


  1. Navigate to Setup > Bookings > Services > select a Service > Options tab

  2. Check or uncheck the Send email and SMS reminders for this service

Creating different reminders for services or locations

Additional information can be added for specific services or locations which will be displayed within the appropriate reminders. Please see the following articles:

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