Making a booking
  • 04 Jul 2023
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Making a booking

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This article details the steps to follow to make a booking for a service from the client's perspective (currently for the Mobile phone version only).

Please note: the booking process may vary slightly depending on the website configuration, for example, if upfront payment is required for a service or not, or additional questions upon creating an account etc. This guide will take you through the basic booking process.



Click on the hamburger icon

Customer new booking 1 mobile - book now

Click the Book Now button in the menu

Customer new booking 1b mobile - book now

Optionally if the system has this set up, select your suburb

Customer new booking 2 mobile - opt choose suburb

You will see the schedule overview for what staff is available that day, for that suburb. Click on the instructor profile image or name to view their schedule

Customer new booking 3 mobile - schedule overview

View the schedule for that instructor. You can use the left and right arrows to change the dates, and then either click Find Next Available Time for the next free time slot, or click on the Book Now text for your desired time slot.

Customer new booking 4 mobile - schedule overview instructor a

Customer new booking 4 mobile - schedule overview instructor b

 Select your service, and click Confirm

Customer new booking 5 mobile - book now

Select who the booking is for

Customer new booking 6 mobile - confirm booking

You will be asked to login or create a new account for yourself or someone else (depending on the website configuration). The next steps show how to create a new account.

Customer new booking 6b mobile - confirm booking

Enter the verification code that was sent

Customer new booking 6c - confirm booking

Optionally if the system has this set up, you may be asked to confirm your address if you are booking a mobile service.

Customer new booking 8 mobile - pickup address

Optionally if the system has this set up and upfront payment is required, complete the payment process

Customer new booking 9 mobile - payment

Your booking confirmation will be emailed to you

Customer new booking 10 mobile - payment confirmed

Customer new booking 10b mobile - payment confirmed

Optionally if the system has this set up, add any Identity document and complete any intake forms

Customer new booking 11 mobile - add ID doc

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