Creating blog articles
  • 09 Aug 2023
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Creating blog articles

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Article summary

This article will demonstrate how to write blog articles and publish them to your website.  Blog articles are a way of connecting you to the relevant audience online. Search engines are always looking at your website to see if the content is being updated, so it's a good opportunity to show what your business is about, engage your customers, and improve your search engine rankings! 

Writing a blog article


  1. Navigate to Setup > Website Content > Blog & Articles
  2. Click Add New Article
  3. Enter article Title
  4. Set Status to Publish
  5. Under Category, select Change to set a category
  6. Under Author, select Change to change the author
  7. Edit article content by clicking and writing the text box
Tip for editing articles
You can click the red "arrow" icon in the text editor to open the drag n drop editor. This will give you special text and image blocks you can drag onto the page

Link to open the drag n drop editor

8. Click Save

Tip for article writing
Remember to drop in a few keywords like your location or service into your blog posts

Displaying your blog on your website

Articles are not located on your website menu by default, so you must enable this page in the website header.


  1. Navigate to Setup > System Settings > Business Detail 
  2. Select the Pages tab
  3. Under Client Web Pagescheck Articles
  4. Customize the name of your articles tab (e.g. blog) by selecting from the dropdown list (optional)
  5. Click Save All

Article menu heading not appearing 
Please note if you've enabled the above setting but it's not showing up in the title heading menu, ensure that you have at least 1 article that is set to published.

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