Course completion certificates
  • 09 Aug 2023
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Course completion certificates

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Certificates can be created for services or courses that have the Pass/Fail setting turned on.

Turning on completion certificates


  1. To enable them, go to Setup > Bookings > Services
  2. Select the relevant service
  3. Go to the Options tab
  4. Select the Show Pass / Fail option and then choose the certificate that is generated under the Pass Certificate dropdown list.
    1. You can modify the Certificate from that screen by clicking on Manage Certificates


  1. Optinally enter in Course Codes text which will appear on the Pass Certificiate. If left blank it will appear as the course name.

Courses - course code certificate

Managing certificates


  1. Navigate to Setup > Bookings > Certificates


  1. To add a certificate, click the Add Certificate button, or select an existing certificate from the list.

  2. Enter the Certificate Name so you can reference it easily on from the Services page.

  3. Select if this course is Certified by the staff member or the business owner (this will display on the certificate).

    1. Note: The certificate will use the staff member's signature from the Setup > Staff & Admins, select the Staff Member, Options tab / Signature
  4. Press Save and you will then see the default certificate layout.

Certificate - edit

Certificate layout and data

The certificate layout is setup as such:

You can use this layout template file to help align your certificate. The layout needs to be 794 pixels x 1123 pixels at 94 dpi.

Certificate data

The data on the certificate is populated as follows:

  • The Logo, Business Name and Client Name are populated based on the business details and the client that has passed the course.
  • The Course Name is populated based on what is set up in the service under Setup > Services, select the Service, Options tab / Course Codes.
  • The Signature is populated based on Setup > Staff & Admins, select the Staff Member, Options tab / Signature.
  • The Staff Name details are populated based on the staff member that ran the course, or the business owner depending what you set up for the certificate.
  • The Date is automatically populated based on the day that the course was run and passed.
  • The Certificate # is automaticaly generated.

Generating certificates


  1. Open the relevant booking.
  2. Make sure that the booking has been marked as passed and paid.
  3. If the services requires "Proof of Identity", make sure that the client's identity has been verified.
  4. Click Download Certificate.

Note: The course booking can also be marked as Passed and donwload the certificate from the Manage Attendees screen when you select the overall course.

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