Managing your bookings and purchases
  • 14 May 2024
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Managing your bookings and purchases

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This article details the steps to follow to manage bookings and purchases (including online courses) under an account from the client's perspective (currently for the Mobile phone version only).



Click the hamburger icon (3 horizontal lines) to open the menu


Click login
Enter your login details
Click login with email
Customer new booking 7 mobile - log in

You will be taken to your profile page

Click on the My Bookings button to view your upcoming bookings and previous bookings. You can also see your available vouchers/prepaids here.

Customer manage bookings 2b mobile - my bookings more data

Click on the My Courses button to view any online courses. This will appear if you have purchased an online course voucher.

To view your purchases, navigate back to your profile by clicking the hamburger icon, then select My profile

Click on the Purchases tab to view any of your purchases. Any outstanding payments can also be paid from here.

Click on the Messages tab to view any of your messages

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